Tips for A Successful Move

Moving to a new home or bigger office means work. There is packing, unpacking, and the best part, getting settled in. Preparation and the right supplies make the process organized and easier for everyone. Get the supplies you need from a relocation supply store. This one-stop will be better than running all over town.

There are plenty of benefits to having the right supplies, no matter how big or small the move.

  1. Once your prized possessions are safely tucked away, the move can be easier and stress-free.
  2. Organization makes your move easier. Your movers know where each box goes and into what room. Using the right sealing tape, packing material and labels makes everyone feel more organized.
  3. Getting the job done right the first time is critical. Using the proper tape and boxes help make a time-consuming job go quicker.

Use the ideas below:

Box Cutters: Suppose you have spent the last few hours packing and repacking. You find out there is another item that must go inside your box. Having a sharp box cutter or scissors will be a lifesaver. Peeling off old tape can damage a box and be really frustrating. Making clean cuts then retaping, make the job go quicker.

Packing Tape: Using the right packing tape determines a successful move. Do not use cheap tape, because of potential for bursting and flying open. Quality packing tape will help keep doors and drawers shut. Use the tape to wrap valuable furniture. Use duct tape to reinforce stubborn boxes.

Labels: Unless you want dishes in the bedroom and linens on the patio, use a quality labeling system. Labels can be white stickers or color coordinated magic markers. The key to labeling, making sure everyone knows where the box is supposed to go once it arrives at the new location. Magic markers are the standard tool, just make sure to label all sides of the box.

Boxes: This one item, you do not want to look for cheap moving boxes. The relocation and packing store always stock quality boxes. Get as many different sizes as you need. Using smaller boxes mean more trips, but the move will not be as backbreaking. There is always a tendency to overpack large boxes, making them impossible to move. Categorize your belongings before they are packed. Moving companies recommend the right size box and help with packing and unpacking.

Bubble Wrap: Creating a cushion for fragile items makes your move a lot easier. Large rolls of wrap can be purchased online or at your local moving store. Stored properly, bubble wrap can last a long time. When you have a box ready to pack, line the inside with bubble wrap. Pack each fragile item with plenty of wrap.

Slipcovers and Ties: Using plastic covers to wrap beds, couches, patio sets and anything else will help keep these items clean. Slipcovers can be purchased at the moving store. Buy sheets of plastic online or at any home remodeling outlet. It is always a good idea to measure furniture, so you know the size to shop for. Strong duct tape keeps cabinets and furniture closed during the move. A professional moving crew will always have heavy ties for refrigerators etc.

Involve yourself in the entire moving process and the move will be a success.


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